Authors: Maciej Bitner, Maciej Bukowski
Published: December, 2016

The mission of WiseEuropa is to improve the quality of domestic and European policies and the economic environment by grounding them in sound economic and institutional analyses, independent research and assessments of the impact of policies on the economy. The Institute invites citizens, entrepreneurs, experts and authors of public policies, at home and abroad, to share their ideas about the modernization of Poland and Europe and their role in the world. WiseEuropa holds the highest competencies in areas such as: European and global economic and political affairs, macroeconomic, industrial, energy and institutional policy, innovation and digital economy, the labor market and social policy. WiseEuropa has solid analytic expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods: statistics and econometrics, macroeconomic and system modelling, social and political research, institutional and sociological analyses. Research activity is supported by the Institute’s high quality communication and PR activities. The report Wind in Sails. Citizens’ strategy for the development of the Polish capital market is the summary of the project “Capital Market 25+”, run by WiseEuropa in 2016. The aim of the project was to diagnose the condition of the capital market in Poland and the development of specific solutions to support its operation. As a part of the Report we presented recommendations that we believe will allow Polish capital market to “catch the wind in sails” again. Our goal was to provoke a debate on our proposed solutions among people who have a real impact and importance for this market.

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