The impact of a minimum wage increase on temporary contract workers

by Seamus McGuinness, Paul Redmond
June, 2019

We study the impact of the 2016 increase in the Irish minimum wage on the hours worked and the probability of job loss of minimum wage workers. We pay particular attention to temporary contract workers, which may be more susceptible to changes to their working conditions compared to permanent employees. The results indicate that the … Continued

The Employment Gap in the West Midlands

by S. Speckesser
June, 2019

The Youth Jobs Gap research series uses previously unseen Longitudinal Education Outcomes data to present new insights into disadvantaged young people’s transition from compulsory education into employment. The first three national reports looked at NEET rates, higher education, and apprenticeships respectively. These national reports have also looked at differences between regions – but differences within … Continued

Eurofound Working Life Report for Hungary 2018

by Ágnes Hárs
June, 2019

Eurofound has published its 2018 working life report for Hungary, with the contribution of Kopint-Tárki. The report describes the main developments in industrial relations and the regulations affecting working conditions in Hungary. 2018 was the year of parliamentary elections in Hungary, prior to which neither the government nor social partners initiated significant transformations in the … Continued

Contribution to Growth: Delivering economic benefits for citizens and businesses

by Maciej Bukowski, Tomasz Kaczor
June, 2019

The WiseEuropa Institute has developed an in-depth analysis “Contribution to Growth: Delivering economic benefits for citizens and businesses” reffering to the economic benefits of strong consumer protection in the European Union. The analysis, commissioned by the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament (IMCO), provides an overview of the benefits … Continued

Evaluation of the effectiveness of mobility support measure

by K. Melesk, K. Koppel, A. Michelson, M. Laurimäe, M. Masso, M. Vainre, R. A. Keskus
May, 2019

One of the labour market measures offered by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has been mobility support to cover the expenses of transportation from home to work. The aim is to support the mobility of people looking for work, to support accepting a job further form home and, hence, reduce the length of unemployment. Mobility … Continued

The welfare effects of co-payments in long term care

by Bram Wouterse, Arjen Hussem, Albert Wong
April, 2019

Insight in the lifecycle dynamics of long term care costs is important to understand the effect of policy changes, such as the design of co-payments, on the costs and welfare across income and wealth groups. Modeling long term care expenditures over the lifecycle is challenging because of their very uneven distribution. We find that the … Continued