Can we Afford to Live Longer in Better Health?

by Ed Westerhout, Frank Pellikaan
July, 2005

This research report analyses the effects of ageing populations upon public finances. More specifically, it focuses on the implications of population ageing for acute health care, long-term care and public pension expenditures for 15 EU countries. It pays particular attention to three novel insights: i) a large proportion of health-care spending relates to time to … Continued

Alternative Scenarios for Health, Life Expectancy and Social Expenditure: The Influence of Living Longer in Better Health on Health Care and Pension Expenditures and Government Finances in the EU

by Frank Pellikaan, Ed Westerhout
June, 2005

This report investigates the effect of population ageing on public health- and long-term care expenditures, public pensions and government finances in EU countries in the projection period 2002-50. The authors specifically consider new insights about the development of demography and health on these projections. In this regard, the view has been expressed that people may … Continued

Labour Force Behaviour of Men and Women in Elderly Two-Adult Households: Evidence from EU Countries

by Matthias Deschryvere
April, 2005

This paper studies the effect of individual and spousal characteristics on the labour force participation of individuals living in elderly two-adult households. The comparative approach taken here studies men and women separately and uses the first eight waves (1994-2001) of the European Community Household Panel (ECHP). We compare results of three countries: Finland (a country … Continued

Health and Retirement Decisions: An Update of the Literature

by Matthias Deschryvere
March, 2005

This paper surveys the relation between the labour supply and the health of the elderly, based on major studies conducted earlier and new literature. Most of the empirical literature on the topic is drawn from American data, although new European datasets have enabled analysis in several EU countries. The paper complements previous surveys in that … Continued

Pension Arrangements and Retirement Choices in Europe: A Comparison of the British, Danish and German Systems

by James Sefton, Justin van de Ven, Martin Weale
February, 2005

This paper develops a general equilibrium simulation model of a heterogeneous population in which both consumption/saving and labour/leisure choices are endogenous. The authors use it to explore the effects of the different state benefit systems on the labour supply of old and older workers in Denmark, Germany and the UK. In broad terms, they find … Continued

Ageing, Health and Retirement in Europe: Alternative Scenarios for Health, Life Expectancy and Social Expenditure

by Erika Schulz
February, 2005

This study deals with the impact of ageing populations and changes in their health status on health care and the utilisation of long-term care services. Two kinds of projection methods have been used to estimate increases up to 2050 in the number of hospital cases and days, contacts with doctors, long-term care recipients and severely … Continued