Ageing, Health Care and Retirement in Europe: Use of Health and Nursing Care by the Elderly

by Erika Schulz
July, 2004

If the hypothesis that people live longer and in better health is true, it could be expected that the changes in the health of the elderly have important consequences for the further demand for health services, the need for long-term care and also for the development of health expenditures. But other trends could also be … Continued

Bio-Demographic Aspects of Population Ageing

by Namkee Ahn, Ricard Genova, José A. Herce, Joaquin Pereira
December, 2003

Ageing affects individuals and nations everywhere. But a precise definition of what ageing is cannot be provided easily with regard to health aspects, social conventions and lifestyles that are intertwined with the ageing process. As a first step, the ENEPRI AGIR project has attempted to describe this process in EU countries by observing as many … Continued

The Emerging Framework for Disclosure Regulation in the EU

by Arman Khachaturyan, Karel Lannoo
October, 2003

The EU is well advanced in (re-)shaping the regulatory structure for securities markets. As part of this exercise, the EU is rapidly finalising a more harmonised framework for disclosure in the prospectus, market abuse and transparency directives, and has created the structure for harmonised financial reporting principles with the International Accounting Standards regulation. Disclosure is … Continued