Public Opinion on Pension Systems in Europe

by Béla Janky, Robert I. Gal
July, 2007

Various polls reveal that Europeans, even if aware of the looming pension crisis, generally resist pension reforms. In this research report, we show that resistance may be general but it is not uniform. People may oppose reforms but they reject different components of the reform proposals depending on their labour market position, income and age. … Continued

Health Status Transitions

by Maria M. Hofmarcher, Monika Riedel, Alexander Schnabl, Gerald Sirlinger
May, 2007

This paper was prepared as Work Package IV of the AHEAD project – Ageing, Health Status and the Determinants of Health Expenditure – which has received financing from the European Commission under the 6th Research Framework Programme. The purpose of this work package was to build up a picture of the movements in health status … Continued

Incidence of Poor Health and Long-Term Care: Health Transitions in Europe – Results from the European Community Household Panel

by Andrew Bebbington, Judith Shapiro
December, 2006

This is the final report of Work Package 3 of the AHEAD project, undertaken by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent. This Work Package has aimed at providing estimations, based on the European Community Household Panel (ECHP), of annual probabilities of transition between health states, including two states regarded … Continued

Demographic Changes and Aggregate Health-Care Expenditure in Europe

by Terkel Christiansen, Mickael Bech, Jørgen Lauridsen, Pascal Nielsen
December, 2006

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between ageing and the development in the aggregate health care expenditure in EU countries on a macroeconomic level when economic and institutional variables are included. The results of the model will be used to extrapolate the total health care expenditure for the next 10 … Continued

Health Status and Health Care Systems in Central and Eastern European Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

by Stanisława Golinowska, Agnieszka Sowa, Roman Topór-Mądry
December, 2006

The analysis aims to describe processes of demographic and epidemiological change, as well as health status self-assessment in selected Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEECs), including both the new member states and the candidate countries. The analysis is presented in the context of the use of medical services and the structure of services used. Special … Continued

Health and Morbidity in the Accession Countries Country Report – Slovak Republic

by Vladimír Kvetan, Viliam Páleník
December, 2006

Over the last 15 years, dramatic changes have been underway in the Slovak Republic in terms of both the health of the population and healthcare provision. This study provides information and key findings on the morbidity, health status and utilisation of healthcare services in the Slovak Republic. In presenting the demographic picture in the country, … Continued