Nowcasting the Unemployment Rate in the EU with Seasonal BVAR and Google Search Data

by Anttonen Jetro
November, 2018

In this paper a Bayesian vector autoregressive model for nowcasting the seasonally non-adjusted unemployment rate in EU-countries is developed. On top of the official statistical releases, the model utilizes Google search data and the effect of Google data on the forecasting performance of the model is assessed. The Google data is found to yield modest … Continued

Inference for the neighborhood inequality index

by Francesco Andreoli
November, 2018

The neighborhood inequality (NI) index measures aspects of spatial inequality in the distribution of incomes within the city. The NI index is defi ned as a population average of the normalized income gap between each individual’s income (observed at a given location in the city) and the incomes of the neighbors, living within a certain distance … Continued

Brexit and the Health & Social Care Workforce in the UK

by P.Dolton, D.Nguyen, H. Rolfe, M. Castellanos
November, 2018

The UK’s H&SC workforce is under considerable strain to provide services for an ageing population with increasingly complex needs. While many of the problems supplying new recruits into the sector pre-date the 2016 Brexit referendum, the vote to leave the European Union (EU) has added another layer of challenge and uncertainty for planning this future … Continued

Resilience of Estonian Social Protection System to Future of Work Scenarios

by Märt Masso, Magnus Piirits, Tarmo Jüristo, Alari Paulus, Kaupo Koppel, Kirsti Melesk, Janno Järve, Sten Anspal
November, 2018

Work forms and working conditions have always been changing. Due to the current and future changes in work and labour market, changes to social protection system could be needed in order for it to better support working, economy and the society. There is a lack of comprehensive knowledge about the potential outcomes and impacts of … Continued

Some recent developments in labour economics

by Peter J. Dolton
November, 2018

This article takes a short personal ‘helicopter ride’ over the main policy issues in the UK labour market, putting them into the context of the developments which have taken place in applied econometrics. We overview NIESR’s role in the study of labour economics in postwar Britain and review some recent advances of importance in the … Continued

Economic Convergence or Divergence in the EU?

by Cinzia Alcidi, Christian Bodewig, Brigitte Preissl
October, 2018

In preparation for the forthcoming annual conference of Intereconomics, three experts who will be speaking at the event will answer some of the core questions on the theme. They are: Cinzia Alcidi, Senior Research Fellow and Head of Economic Policy Unit, CEPS Christian Bodewig, Programme Manager, Southern Europe, World Bank and co-author, “Growing United: Upgrading … Continued