Working Paper: Unemployment Duration and Job Quality

by Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
August, 2018

As part of the IHS Economics Series Bernhard Schmidpeter and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer published their working paper titled “How do Automation and Offshorability Influence Unemployment Duration and Subsequent Job Quality?”. Employing a multivariate mixed proportional hazard model to deal with selectivity, they found that both the routine content in tasks as well as the probability of off-shoring negatively affects … Continued

Decomposing the Drivers of Changes in Inequality During the Great Recession in Ireland using the Fields Approach

by Cathal O'Donoghue, Jason Loughrey, Denisa Sologon
August, 2018

In this paper we take as a case study a developed country that both experienced one of the highest sustained growth periods in recent decades, but also had one of the largest economic declines during the recent crisis period; Ireland. In particular, given the availability of data and the period from the peak before the … Continued

Enabling Sustainable Savings and Investment Channels in Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

by Cosmina Amariei
July, 2018

Well-functioning, deeper and highly integrated capital markets are expected to play a greater role in unlocking long-term savings and investment channels in Europe. The Capital Markets Union (CMU) initiative has set out important priorities in the area of asset allocation, such as increasing retail participation, promoting sustainable investment, and removing barriers to cross-border activities. This … Continued

Profiling barriers to social inclusion in Ireland: the relative roles of individual characteristics and location

by Seamus McGuinness, Adele Whelan, Adele Bergin, Judith Delaney
July, 2018

The study uses data from participants in the Department of Rural and Community Development’s Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP), administered by Pobal, to examine who is most likely to experience at least one of five barriers to social inclusion. The barriers are (a) belonging to a jobless household, (b) being a lone parent, … Continued

Income growth and income distribution: a long-run view of Irish experience

by Tim Callan, Maxime Bercholz, John R Walsh
July, 2018

This research examines long-run trends in income growth and income inequality in Ireland.

Labour Market Decisions of the Self-Employed in the Netherlands at the Statutory Retirement Age

by Amparo Nagore Garcia, Cristina Rossi, Arthur Van Soest
July, 2018

We investigate retirement decisions of the self-employed in the Netherlands using administrative data. We focus on the time period around which individuals reach the statutory retirement age (SRA, 65 years in most cases). After the statutory retirement age, each Dutch resident receives the Old Age State Pension annuity (AOW), providing an income at the subsistence … Continued