The European Social Survey (ESS) is a pan-European research infrastructure providing freely accessible data for academics, policymakers, civil society and the wider public. The ESS survey, conducted every two years, aims to measure social attitudes and behavior. In addition to the survey, the ESS European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) provides direct and virtual training programmes and offers free access to its growing data and documentation archive.

Luxembourg participated in the ESS survey only in the first two rounds, which took place in 2002 and 2004. The aim of the conference is twofold:

  • firstly, to showcase research based on the ESS data, conducted by scholars in Luxembourg, and its impact on society in Luxembourg and wider in Europe
  • secondly, to provide information about the conditions of participation of countries in the ESS ERIC consortium (incl. participation in the survey)

The speakers will include the Director and members of the Steering Committee of ESS ERIC as well as researchers.

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