Why does inequality differ so much across countries?

While income inequality trends have been extensively researched, much less is known about the driving forces behind international differences in inequality. Yet, differences across countries remain more striking than the increases in inequality recently observed within any industrialized country.

LISER, the University of Luxembourg and the University of Antwerp convene an international workshop to bring new light to the underlying drivers of inequality and to unpack the reasons for wide variations in inequality across countries.

We seek to attract papers discussing the role of labour markets, taxation, social protection and redistributive policies, but we are especially interested in papers studying the role of deeper drivers such as political institutions, norms and attitudes and preferences for redistribution. Advancements to methodology and critiques on the cross-country comparability of inequality measures are also welcome.

While the main discussion may be about income inequality, we hope to attract contributions about wealth, consumption or other forms of inequalities.

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