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IHS: Call for Expression of Interest for EC Marie Skłodowska‐Curie Individual Fellowship Scheme 2017
Institut für Höhere Studien – Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)
Vienna, Austria

Past Activities

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Brexit: What impact on member states?

Brexit was the defining event of 2016. It will impact the Union in many different ways. While the options available for the future relationship between Britain and the EU27 have been thoroughly discussed, significantly fewer details have emerged on the impact on specific member states.

Organised jointly by CEPS and ENEPRI (European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes), this conference will explore the potential impact on different member states via presentations and panel debates with researchers and policymakers. The ensuing discussion should allow us to clearly distinguish between areas with common grounds in the negotiations from areas where opinions and policy stances are likely to differ across the EU27.

Brussels, Belgium
BAMS – Berlin Applied Micro Seminar

The Berlin Applied Micro Seminar is weekly seminar, jointly orgainzed by DIW, Hertie School of Governance, HU Berlin, and WZB. On the first and third Monday of a month, the seminar is held at DIW. On the second and fourth it takes place at HU Berlin. BAMS is supported by the Berlin Center for Consumer Policy (BCCP).

DIW, Berlin, HU, Berlin
Berlin, Germany
DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Berlin Lunchtime Meetings
The aim of this series of events is to present and discuss current research findings in applied economics. Since they were first introduced in 2001, the Berlin Lunchtime Meetings have become established as a forum for debate and discussion between political advisors, the private sector, and representatives of interest groups in Berlin’s scientific community.

Industrial Conference (Industrietagung)
The Industrial Conference (Industrietagung) is the traditional institutionalised forum for exchange between the DIW Berlin and the business sector. Since October 1960, the forum has met twice a year – May and November – and is promoted by the Association of the Friends of the DIW Berlin (VdF).

DIW Konjunkturgespräch
Economy. Policy. Research.
Researchers of the departments of Macroeconomics and Forecasting and Economic Policy use the Konjunkturgespräch to present their assessment of the economic development to representatives from politics, associations and companies in advance of their regular forecasts published in spring and fall.

DIW Panel Series
A joint event series by DIW Berlin, the European School of Management (ESMT) and the Hertie School of Governance (HSoG) with panel discussions on current economic policy issues.

DIW Berlin
Berlin, Germany
EMN Ireland Conference: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that globally 65.3 million people were forcibly displaced in 2015, including 21.3 million refugees. UNHCR has estimated almost 1 million refugees were in need of resettlement in 2015 and that this figure grew substantially in 2016.

This full day conference will bring together a range of speakers who will address current responses to the ongoing refugee crisis, providing an opportunity to highlight good practices, as well as to exchange information on challenges. Topics include EU and international policy, as well as State and local-level experiences of resettlement and private sponsorship, including in Sweden, Germany and Portugal. The Irish strategic response will be presented and discussed. An update will be provided on the practical implementation of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme, set up in 2015 to coordinate the resettlement, relocation and integration of 4,000 refugees and asylum applicants.

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
9th Health Policy Workshop: Regional variation in health care: What can we learn from it?

In health care many regional differences in utilization and prices exist. A patient with back pain may get treated in hospital A but not in hospital B. Dutch research shows that hospital specialists treat back hernia in some regions two to five times more than in other regions. A patient faces also different prices for the same treatment. Recently released data by a Dutch health insurer showed that prices for the same treatment can differ by a factor two or three among hospitals.

Ministerie van VWS, The Hague
The Hague, The Netherlands
Seminar: Intergenerational Spillovers in Disability Insurance

Does participation in a social program by a parent influence their child’s use of public assistance, human capital investments, future labor market, and marriage outcomes? From a policy perspective, what a child learns from his or her parents about employment relative to government support could matter for the financial stability of a variety of social insurance and safety net programs. However, estimating a causal effect is difficult due to parent’s nonrandom participation. In this paper we exploit a disability insurance (DI) reform in the Netherlands which tightened eligibility criteria and reduced the generosity of the program. The key to our regression discontinuity design is that the reform applied to younger cohorts, while older cohorts were exempted from the new rules. We find strong evidence that children of parents who were pushed out of DI or had their benefits reduced are affected positively on a variety of dimensions. Children whose parents were exposed to the reform are less likely to participate in DI themselves as adults, do not increase their participation in other public assistance programs, invest significantly more in their education, increase their earnings, and are more likely to marry/cohabit and have a child. Our results have important implications for the evaluation of the costs and benefits of this and other policy reforms; indeed, ignoring the spillover effects of lower government transfers and increased taxes paid by the next generation greatly underestimates the cost savings of the Dutch DI reform in the long run.

CPB-office, The Hague
The Hague, The Netherlands