• The welfare effects of co-payments in long term care

    by Bram Wouterse, Arjen Hussem, Albert Wong  (April, 2019)

  • Supporting decision-making in retirement planning: do diagrams on pension benefit statements help?

    by Féidhlim McGowan, Pete Lunn  (April, 2019)

  • The impact of a minimum wage increase on temporary contract workers

    by Seamus McGuinness, Paul Redmond  (April, 2019)

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 Upcoming Activities

  • Save the date: Pensions and retirement conference

    Time and place:  29/05/2019  in Dublin, Ireland

  • e-Health across health care sectors

    Time and place:  23/04/2019  in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Round table: How Schools are integrating new migrant pupils and their families

    Time and place:  30/04/2019  in London, UK

  • 16TH EUROFRAME Conference on economic policy issues in the EU ‘Greater cohesion in an increasingly fractured world: Where now for the European project?’

    Time and place:  07/06/2019  in Dublin, Ireland

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